Manokin River Evening ~ Video

evening on Wolftrap Creek, Manokin River 

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Afternoon into evening. Sailing up narrow creeks and back out into broad bays. Beautiful sailing in a fresh breeze.

Rafted up for the evening, then anchoring out for the night.

The next morning all head back to Janes Island to haul out and head home.



Manokin River Afternoon ~ Video

Up the Manokin River

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Spirited run up the Manokin River from Teague Creek. A downwind run in 12-15 knots.

All afternoon the Coast Guard broadcasted alerts of a vessel in distress.



Manokin River Afternoon

Pete guides Obadiah downwind 


From Teague Creek to Wolftrap Creek is a distance of less than 4 miles, but it’s a fun 4 miles. By the end of lunch break the wind has picked up. Herds of white caps are galloping upriver. The wind and the tide are not yet at odds, so instead of choppy and bucking it’s a smooth gallop.


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