MASCF ~ Quiet Evening Sail

Ghosting on the Miles River

 For many who bring boats to the festival, Friday is the best day. All the boats are there, and friends, but the crowds haven’t arrived yet. It’s the most relaxing day if you get there early enough. A few people even manage to get there on Thursday, stretching that bliss out a little longer.

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Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival 2011



Weather was challenging this year. Friday was beautiful, but Small Craft Warnings were up all day Saturday and Sunday – cold, blowing hard, and raining.

We took both boats, but only got one launched. Caesura had her first dip in the water, and we took several great sails in her. Then things got a bit out of our league for untested gear.

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Last Day Last Sail


One last post from the South before we head North. Tomorrow we load up for St. Michaels.

Got in one last quick sail on Monday before my brother had to head back. I had to leave early the next morning. More storm clouds, rain in the distance, always closing in. But light steady wind.

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Sailing with Dad

Got out again today, this time with my dad. Slack water at low tide, steady sea breeze of around 7 knots. Was perfect, really.

Dad has followed the project since it was still a “learning project” – the first boat built years ago. He said he’d been looking forward to this day for three years, and I know he has. Me, too. It was a good day.

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First Sail in Fripp Inlet


My brother Todd drove down from Atlanta to be here for the first open water launch. He was on the boat with me for that first sail, too, which was very cool. Mom and Dad were there, and took photos as we rigged up and sailed off.



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