Floorboards ready for varnish 


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Wow. That was hard.

Several people told me that this part was going to be a challenge. They were right.

The problem is there are no straight lines. Geometry – even tape measures – are of no use whatsoever. A terribly complex, odd shaped, 3D object has to fit snugly into another very complex, odd shaped, 3D object, and there’s just no easy way to accomplish that.

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Christmas in August

It’s Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. It hasn’t snowed in Wellington, New Zealand, for 30 years. The average age of a New Zeallander is 26. So that was before most of the current population was alive.

It did today, just a few hours ago.

Someone caught it on film rather nicely.




No, not bottles of beer on the wall.


That’s how much the boats weigh now. Just the hulls with floorboards inside – no rudders or centerboards or other furnishings. No real effort was made to keep them light, but I hoped they would come in under 200 pounds each, and they did, just.

Don’t think I’ll be toting them up over a shoulder like before:




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Words define our world, and how we see it. And if we see it.

Recent research is showing that, in some areas of thought, when we don’t have a word for something it becomes invisible to us. So what is clear to people of one culture, who have a word for a thing, is obscure or nonexistent to another that does not. If a tree falls in the woods, and we don’t have a word for it . . . ? How about how you feel today emotionally? How much does that alter what you see? Turns out, a lot.

Short article here:



(sorry, looks like the video has been removed. 11/11/11)




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Hardware Finished and Installed

Rudder hardware installed on Aeon

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Got all the hardware done this week. You would think doing something already made, that you just attach with screws, would be simple, but you’d be wrong. This is why I’m so bad at estimating when I’ll be done – nothing is really that hard, just a lot more complicated than it seems.

Every piece of hardware is unique, The screw holes are all in different places on each cleat, for instance; the holes on one don’t line up with the holes on any other. You have to label each part, its location and its orientation, before marking where to drill the pilot holes in the boats, then make sure you put each piece back in exactly the same place to screw them in.

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Hardware the Hard Way Part 5 – Brass Rudder Shoes

Rudder Shoe installed


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Had one last brass piece to make for each boat, though I’m not sure what to call it. Rudder Shoe? Rudder Slipper? Basically, it’s a Rudder “Weed/Crab Pot/Eel Grass/Sawgrass/Gunk Preventer” based on a brilliant idea from Roger Rodibaugh, Grand Poobah of the Crawford Melonheads.

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Moving Day

Whew! Yesterday finished the big move. Everything from the old site – photos, videos, text, comments, links, yadda-yadda-yadda – it’s all here now.

If you arrived by a boomerang redirect from the old site, you’ll want to update your bookmarks and RSS feeds. The old site will continue to redirect people here for several months, but at some point will disappear into the black hole of the digital never was.

I’m thinking posting a photo live, from the first sail on these boats, could be pretty cool.

I do miss the clean, simple look of the old site, and it’s been a challenge trying to balance convenience with clutter on the new one. Like everything digital, simple things are often the most difficult, and control over how things look is not as easy as it was, but it’s close enough for now. It also seems a little slower, which feels like going backwards.

That said, there are some functions available now that will come in handy, things that were not possible before. For instance, I can add a new post with photos or video from my phone while traveling. I’m thinking posting a photo live, from the first sail on these boats could be pretty cool. Also, for the first time I will actually know when someone posts a comment, so a timely reply is more likely. Galleries of many photos can be included now, too, whereas before I was limited to about 15 images per post. Pictures are good.

Here’s to progress.