MASCF Part 4 ~ The Reveal

”Caesura” off the porch and on the trailer


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“The Reveal” is the pivot point in a story when some crucial bit of information is suddenly uncovered. That detail changes the context of everything that happened before, and alters the path the story will take thereafter. I experienced a bit of a Reveal at MASCF this year. Though Caesura wasn’t finished, I’m very glad we brought it along – for many reasons, including some I hadn’t anticipated. Continue reading “MASCF Part 4 ~ The Reveal”

Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival ~ Part 1

Log Canoe “Edmee S.” during the race.


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What a great weekend. Always is. With so much happening in just a few days, it will take several posts to do it any justice. It took three days just to go through all the photos. In the meantime, a large gallery of pictures has been uploaded here:

MASCF 2010 Gallery

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Deck and Coaming on the Porch

Planing down the Coaming


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Knowing the boat would be handled a lot today, I stayed up late to plane down and sand and prep the Cockpit Coaming, along with any other sharp edges likely to get dinged and chipped off, or cut into a hand carrying the boat up the stairs. The fit would be so tight, an extra half inch on the Coaming is a pretty big deal. Continue reading “Deck and Coaming on the Porch”

Caesura Sees Daylight

Exiting, sterns first.


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Yeehaw! Caesura made it out smooth and easy. Easy, at least, with the great help on hand. After nearly two years of wondering if I’d measured everything right, today was a big moment of truth. As expected, there is only one way to get a boat out – backwards and sideways – with only about an inch clearance on both sides. Continue reading “Caesura Sees Daylight”