Room With A View

Mirror Pond 


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Our house is surrounded by over 300 acres of woods and overgrown hay fields. The land was bought by a big-time developer just days before we moved in, but has laid fallow for almost 30 years. We’ve savored the quiet it provides, a buffer between us and the rest of the world, and it’s a haven for all sorts of wildlife. We frequently take walks there in the evening. Continue reading “Room With A View”

MASCF Part 4 ~ The Reveal

”Caesura” off the porch and on the trailer


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“The Reveal” is the pivot point in a story when some crucial bit of information is suddenly uncovered. That detail changes the context of everything that happened before, and alters the path the story will take thereafter. I experienced a bit of a Reveal at MASCF this year. Though Caesura wasn’t finished, I’m very glad we brought it along – for many reasons, including some I hadn’t anticipated. Continue reading “MASCF Part 4 ~ The Reveal”