Old Wood

Old Walnut Planed Out 


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Work finally resumed in earnest this weekend, but it will take a while to get back in the groove. Take a few weeks off and, when you return, you spend a lot of time wandering around scratching your head.

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Room With A View

Mirror Pond 


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Our house is surrounded by over 300 acres of woods and overgrown hay fields. The land was bought by a big-time developer just days before we moved in, but has laid fallow for almost 30 years. We’ve savored the quiet it provides, a buffer between us and the rest of the world, and it’s a haven for all sorts of wildlife. We frequently take walks there in the evening. Continue reading “Room With A View”

Back to the Cave


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With goblins and other mischief makers approaching for Halloween, it seemed prudent to get Caesura off the front porch and back safely in the shop. Four buddies came by on Sunday morning, and the process went almost as smoothly as getting it out, but with a lot less trepidation. Continue reading “Back to the Cave”

A Nip in the Air

Silo and old barn on the edge of town.


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Fall snuck up on me this year. Maybe I was just too busy to see it coming. There’s a heavy frost due in the morning. Geese mutter in the corn stubble. Continue reading “A Nip in the Air”

MASCF Part 4 ~ The Reveal

”Caesura” off the porch and on the trailer


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“The Reveal” is the pivot point in a story when some crucial bit of information is suddenly uncovered. That detail changes the context of everything that happened before, and alters the path the story will take thereafter. I experienced a bit of a Reveal at MASCF this year. Though Caesura wasn’t finished, I’m very glad we brought it along – for many reasons, including some I hadn’t anticipated. Continue reading “MASCF Part 4 ~ The Reveal”

MASCF Part 3 ~ A Parade of Sail

”Marianne,” one of the Museum’s Log Canoes


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How do you get a hundred or so independent-minded skippers to sail their boats in a tight formation in the same general direction for a few miles?

Tell them it’s a race. Continue reading “MASCF Part 3 ~ A Parade of Sail”

MASCF Part 2 ~ Morning Water Music

Blue Sky, Cream Sail, Crescent Moon


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Fighting your way off the windward side of a dock is never easy, especially in a sailboat. Doing it with a dozen delicate wooden transoms hanging over the side, before your coffee has kicked in, is inadvisable. We tried anyway. Continue reading “MASCF Part 2 ~ Morning Water Music”