Wet Test Number 3 – First Sail

Aeon’s cream sail, looking fine against a stormy sky


(to start of project)

Big day. T and I snuck out for a quick sail.





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Wet Test Numbers 1 & 2 – Rowing

First Launch for Aeon


(to start of project)

With the spar varnish good and dry, we got a couple of water tests done the last few days. All very brief – an hour rowing with Terri on Sunday, another hour alone on Monday – but enough to test and fine tune a few details before a big “official” launch. So this week has been spent applying what I learned and prepping the sail rigs. And the good news is . . . SUCCESS!

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Time Lapse

Still Frame


(to start of project)

The Time Bending theme continues.

Finished up the Time Lapse video last night, and have it posted now. You’ll recall at the start of the project I put an old video camera on a tripod in the corner of the basement.

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Masts, Sprits, Sails and Such

Rigging Test 


(to start of project)

Been varnishing (le Tonk-ing?) the sprits and masts all week. This was after testing the sail fit and marking off hardware locations, cut-off lengths for sprits, attachments spots, etc. Continue reading “Masts, Sprits, Sails and Such”

Breaking Radio Silence

Toting Aeon 


(to start of project)

I know, I know. It’s like I threw a big party, then took a couple of weeks off. But really, I’ve been keeping very busy.

In the meantime, here: This is the article appearing in the local arts and culture weekly:

Cville Weekly Article

Very flattering article by Spencer Peterson. Photos by friend photographer John Robinson(thanks John and Spencer!)

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Disaster Recovery

Earthquake damage.


(to start of project)

An odd and exciting week comes to a close. The plan was to begin finishing the spars this weekend, but Irene put a damper on that. Still, as far as disasters go, we came out very well.

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