Weird Weather (updated)

Hyacinths blooming in fresh snow


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A few weeks ago we had snow on daffodil, crocus and hyacinth blooms. Yesterday it was almost 90 degrees. Abnormal is pretty normal here this time of year. I have photos taken several years ago of roses blooming in a snow storm. They don’t sleep well nights at the local vineyards and orchards until April is over and done with.

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Boats of Guatemala: Lake Atitlan Cayucos

Dugout Canoes on the beach at Santa Catarina


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The boats native to Lake Atitlan are the cayucos, a unique form of dugout canoe. You see these boats all over the lake, from dawn to dusk, though usually near shore where the fish are, as fishing is their primary use. Rows of them are pulled up on the beaches of every small village and town along the shore. Continue reading “Boats of Guatemala: Lake Atitlan Cayucos”

Boats of Guatemala: Lake Atitlan Launches

The Mayan crew, pounding the boat across Lake Atitlan, just ahead of a storm.


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I’ve started on the toe rails, and hope to have progress to report soon, once I get it figured out.

In the meantime, here’s some boat related reporting from our trip to Guatemala. Coming from such a car-centric culture, the widespread use of boats for transportation there was fascinating; not only the extent of it, but the types and their construction, as well. Continue reading “Boats of Guatemala: Lake Atitlan Launches”

MASCF Part 3 ~ A Parade of Sail

”Marianne,” one of the Museum’s Log Canoes


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How do you get a hundred or so independent-minded skippers to sail their boats in a tight formation in the same general direction for a few miles?

Tell them it’s a race. Continue reading “MASCF Part 3 ~ A Parade of Sail”

Caesura Sees Daylight

Exiting, sterns first.


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Yeehaw! Caesura made it out smooth and easy. Easy, at least, with the great help on hand. After nearly two years of wondering if I’d measured everything right, today was a big moment of truth. As expected, there is only one way to get a boat out – backwards and sideways – with only about an inch clearance on both sides. Continue reading “Caesura Sees Daylight”

Basement Boats

Old Furnace Door


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Just a quick post while waiting for my lovely assistant to return.

This was shot a couple of weeks ago, and will be one of the last views of the interiors before the decks go on for good.

Gives an idea of what it’s like to descend into “The Cave.” Continue reading “Basement Boats”

Decked Out and a Swim

Tom supervises the deck operation.


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Spent the weekend on more prep work. Though there’s not much to see, a lot got done. Used a round-over bit to take the sharp corners off all the exposed edges on the framing. It’s a small detail, but keeps the wood from splitting and splintering when stuffing gear inside. It also keeps you from getting bit when reaching in to retrieve things. An especially nice touch on grab surfaces, where hands naturally go for carrying or moving a boat. Continue reading “Decked Out and a Swim”