Boat Birthing

Extracting Aeon 


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Wow. This is turning into quite a week.

The boats came out on Sunday. Now the first hurricane of the season is headed this way. This week we’re closing down the company where I have worked for over 20 years. I’ve had to beg, borrow and steal time for 2 1/2 years to work on these boats; now starting Friday I’ll have all the time I need. Bizarrely, the largest earthquake I’ve every experienced, 5.9, felt all up and down the East Coast, struck only moments ago as I write this. It was centered right here in the little town of Mineral. Funny how turning points and transitions can ripple out through a life. Weird.

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Christmas in August

It’s Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. It hasn’t snowed in Wellington, New Zealand, for 30 years. The average age of a New Zeallander is 26. So that was before most of the current population was alive.

It did today, just a few hours ago.

Someone caught it on film rather nicely.



Words define our world, and how we see it. And if we see it.

Recent research is showing that, in some areas of thought, when we don’t have a word for something it becomes invisible to us. So what is clear to people of one culture, who have a word for a thing, is obscure or nonexistent to another that does not. If a tree falls in the woods, and we don’t have a word for it . . . ? How about how you feel today emotionally? How much does that alter what you see? Turns out, a lot.

Short article here:…

(sorry, looks like the video has been removed. 11/11/11)




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Hardware the Hard Way Part 3 – Brazing Brass


Brazing brass with silver solder. Red hot, the melting point of silver alloy.


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Had a very interesting weekend. Once again, a few screw-ups, but ultimately it turned out well, and a lot of very useful stuff was learned in the process. If you want a Quick Tips list, skip to the bottom of this post where there’s also a video.

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