Retro Repost #17 ~ Contour Lines

Scottsville, Virginia

Shaping and sanding with long board and cabinet scrapers. I prefer scrapers, used on the left side, and the patch in the middle of the sanded side on the right for comparison.

About this this time of year, several years ago.

I remember enjoying this part, though it was a lot of work and seemed to go on forever.


Retro Repost #10 ~ Patuxent River

Melonseed Aeon with her topsail flying.
photo by Kevin Brennan 


Today it’s 97 degrees. In the shade.

But back in May of 2013 wind off the still winter-cooled waters of the Patuxent was almost chilly.

I remember well when these pictures were taken. The day was old by the time we all arrived and launched.  Some had been delayed by work or mechanical issues, but the early arrivers content to wait until everyone was ready. The light low as we pulled away from Broome’s Island on the Patuxent. That was the year of the 17 Year Cicadas, and the the water was littered along the way with twittering and buzzing bugs, twitching on the surface in the last throws of their brief and bellicose lives. Many still buzzing in trees along the shore with that throbbing cadence that sounds so Southern to my ears. Big rockfish, already engorged, still half-heartedly rolled the surface to swallow another and submerge.


 photo by Kevin Brennan 


We were making our way toward Sotterley Creek for the night. A short, easy crossing, and a beautiful evening. Kevin B circled back to check on me, as he often must, and took these wonderful photos as we passed each other. I had the topsail up for the first time, and set unusually well. In the last one, I in my Melonseed and Mike in his Haven crosse a carpet of glitter that quickly turned to gold.


photo by Kevin Brennan 


The next day we would spend the morning and afternoon ashore, walking the grounds of Sotterley Plantation. An almost magical day, that seemed more dream than real.

Thanks again for the photos, Kevin.





Retro Repost #9 ~ A Row of Boats

Bunked Boats, Morning in Fogg’s Cove
St. Michaels, Maryland 

The light was so beautiful at sunrise on this Saturday morning. So much eye candy for boat lovers.





Retro Repost #8 ~ Melonseed “Caesura”

The Melonseed Caesura in Fogg’s Cove
St. Michaels, Maryland 

That is indeed one of my Melonseeds in the foreground of the previous post (thanks Steve!)

Both photos, and several to come, are from back in 2013 at the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival – MASCF to friends and family.


Retro Repost #7 ~ Fogg’s Cove

Melonseed and Navigator in Fogg’s Cove
St. Michaels, Maryland


It’s been hovering around 100 degrees here for weeks. Thunderstorms roll through several times a day. Not so great for boating this time of year here in the South. Going through some old photos helps. More coming in the days ahead.