Age of Sail

AGE OF SAIL / Theatrical Version from Chromosphere on Vimeo.


A lovely piece of animation and story-telling recently shared on the WoodenBoat Forum Facebook page.

Just painting and drawing boats realistically is a challenge – perspective is so wonky with all the curves. To animate that in a way that feels right, with a sense of mass and inertia, is really hard.

The people who did this clearly understand and appreciate old style sailboats.



Logging as an Art Form

Came across this video a few days before Christmas. Just found it again.

Cutting timber on steep mountainsides in Switzerland. So steep that no conventional equipment can be used. It’s all done by hand, with chain saws and hand jacks.

The trees have to be partially felled, carefully shaped, prepped and aligned, so when finally broken loose with the jack they shoot straight down the mountainside to the water below.

Once there, the logs are caught and corralled, then chained together in a big boat-shaped raft and towed down the lake.


INS HOLZ (IN THE WOODS) from mythenfilm on Vimeo.



Timelapse Video Captures Rare Full Cloud Inversion Inside the Grand Canyon | Colossal

Although rare, full cloud inversions are something we know well here, covering the same phenomena over the last few years both here and here. This particular timelapse video by filmmaker Harun Mehmedinovic captures how beautifully the descending clouds imitate waves when trapped within the Grand Can

Source: Timelapse Video Captures Rare Full Cloud Inversion Inside the Grand Canyon | Colossal 


SKYGLOWPROJECT.COM: KAIBAB ELEGY from Harun Mehmedinovic on Vimeo.