Taking the Land Route


Beating into the wind for 24 hours. Stronger headwinds expected.

Fun, but slow progress. Too slow for many to reach the finish by the deadline, even under power. Will dock I Solomons, drive to Portsmouth, and return to ride the wind in the other direction.



postcard from the road



Quintessence of Serendipity

The schooner “Quintessence” in the foreground during
the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race in 2007


Winds are fluky. No wind. Some wind. Takes you one direction, then another. Never know where you’ll end up. Sometimes it can be a very pleasant surprise.

A few weeks ago an email landed in my inbox from a Traditional Small Craft group I belong to. Someone needed a few more hands to help crew a schooner down from New Jersey and back. Sounded interesting, and it appears I have some free time on my hands at the moment. Hmmm.

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