Canaan Valley ~ Davis, WV

Blackwater Falls


Another side trip (a trend I wish to continue). This one a Christmas present to ourselves. The plan, when T made the reservations a month ago, was to spend two days cross country skiing at White Grass in Canaan Valley. Alas, no snow is hard to ski in. They had a pile not much bigger than a cow pie out front of the lodge with a sign in it, selling it for $120 an ounce.

No matter. No matter even that it rained all weekend. We hiked and explored and read and ate well. No crowds to contend with. Met a lot of nice people, too.

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Sand Roads, Live Oaks

Avenue of Oaks
Frogmore, Saint Helena Island
South Carolina

Took a ride over to Coffin Point, across from the shrimp boat docks at Frogmore. There’s an old plantation house there, built around 1800, with an expansive view of the inlet. This mile long sand road leads to it, lined with Live Oaks draped in Spanish Moss.