Capsize No. 1

Bill watching the clouds build 


I alluded to this story back in the summer, but was so busy then I couldn’t take time to tell it. Roger Rodibaugh recently reminded me that he and a few other folks have been waiting quite patiently to hear it. Actually, several adventures from last summer slipped by unaccounted for that I should revisit. Now, with it cold and snowy outside, seems a good time to get back to them.

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Salt Marsh Prairie

A salt marsh savanna


The vast salt marshes of the Low Country gave a name to the city of Savannah. Seemingly endless expanses of salt grass stretch from horizon to horizon, dotted with distant hummocks – small islets of pine, live oak and palmetto. These spartina marshes range all along the Atlantic coast from Newfoundland to Florida, but there are more here than anywhere else – covering 600 square miles in South Carolina alone.


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Words define our world, and how we see it. And if we see it.

Recent research is showing that, in some areas of thought, when we don’t have a word for something it becomes invisible to us. So what is clear to people of one culture, who have a word for a thing, is obscure or nonexistent to another that does not. If a tree falls in the woods, and we don’t have a word for it . . . ? How about how you feel today emotionally? How much does that alter what you see? Turns out, a lot.

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Wolftrap Lighthouse


Off the tip of Windmill Point and Stingray Point in the Chesapeake Bay, at the mouth of the Rappahannock River, is Wolftrap Lighthouse. It’s a well-known landmark, or rather seamark, for watermen and boaters in the area. I’ve passed it many times, myself. It was decommissioned and auctioned off by the Coast Guard back in the ’70’s, and moved into private hands. It’s up for sale again. For $288,000 you get the lighthouse and a piece of marshland on shore a mile away where you can launch a boat to get to it.

Now this is my idea of a dream home.

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