Sailing the Sassafras

Easing in at end of day. 


There’s video from this trip still to come.  I’ll try to get that up in the next day or so. Still trying to catch up from 10 days of travel.

Kevin Brennan spent a long time researching a good launch point for this trip, and really nailed it with Turner’s Creek. The ramp is wide and well maintained, in a sheltered cove, with good parking and necessary facilities at hand. It’s also secluded and quiet, with very little traffic other than watermen and a few locals.

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Rule #1

Dusk on Turner’s Creek


Call your wife.


(The posts made already were limited to what photos and minimal text I could manage by phone from the water. Here, and over the next few days, I’ll fill in the back story and post a lot more images, some video, too.)

The sun was down when I reached Molly’s Tractor Supply to pick up the ramp permit ($60 for a year if you’re out of state.) Getting dark fast. Nothing around but miles and miles of corn and wheat. Silos in silhouette against the horizon. A piece of farm equipment rumbled up, sat idling while the guy got out, went in for a drink, then throttled up and rumbled off again.


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Launching in the Dark






Didn’t get on the water til a out 10. A pickup drove up, swept his headlights over Caesura and stopped cold. A nice boat builder wanted to talk boats. Fascinating guy. Finally got him to hold a light for me when i noticed it was after 9. He’s been living on a classic old sloop while he restores it, for 12 years. It’s anchored out in the cove.


Rowed back in the creek by moonlight. Got to lay down somewhere past midnight. Slept in a bed of lotus flowers. Moon, owls, fish jumping. Rye whiskey. Really nice. Really.


fone poste




Heading out tomorrow before noon, destination . . .  erm . . . somewhere on the Sassafras River. Three days of camping on a small boat on the water. Something different.

Will post a few photos now and then. More when I return.