Last Day Last Sail


One last post from the South before we head North. Tomorrow we load up for St. Michaels.

Got in one last quick sail on Monday before my brother had to head back. I had to leave early the next morning. More storm clouds, rain in the distance, always closing in. But light steady wind.

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First Sail in Fripp Inlet


My brother Todd drove down from Atlanta to be here for the first open water launch. He was on the boat with me for that first sail, too, which was very cool. Mom and Dad were there, and took photos as we rigged up and sailed off.



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Storm Clouds


The pretty clouds became big angry looking clouds by late afternoon. We could hear the thunder when we launched, and watched them grow bigger and bigger as we sailed – not really moving toward us so much as growing toward us.

This is how they looked when we got off the water, a little sooner than we might have otherwise.








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Sea Clouds


Clouds build throughout the day as the cool, wet sea breeze heats up just inland and rises, condensing into billowing cumulus.