A Short Fall ~ Sailing with T

Aeon at rest after a good run.


My desk faces two big windows. In the afternoon, the sun slants across the porch and peeks in. There’s a wisteria vine curtain that waves coyly if there’s any wind, and through the gaps are red and yellow maples that join in, shimmering. Further off still are woods, then mountains, a ripple of blue-greyed horizon, like distant surf. Makes it hard to get work done sometimes.

Tuesday was a beautiful day, a breezy day. I ignored it successfully and regretfully until it was too late to do anything with. Yesterday was much the same, though, and two in a row is just unfair. The Schooner Race posts will just have to wait a bit longer. Terri has her weekends in the middle of the week, so we loaded up Aeon and headed for big water, back to the Chickahominy. (Caesura gets no love until she muscles her way onto the trailer.)

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Schooner Race 2011 ~ Parade Video

  Direct Youtube Link


Rain. Wind. A tipping and rolling platform. Not exactly ideal conditions for shooting video.

On the other hand, it really gives you a reasonable feel for what it’s like to be on board. Controlled chaos, interspersed with moments of odd tranquility.

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Schooner Race 2011 ~ Baltimore

Mystic Whaler in Baltimore Harbor


Still going through all the photos and video. Will take another day or two to get the whole gallery up, and a few more for the video, but I’ll post some favorites in these daily logs. Got some very nice shots, and it was a great trip. A lot of adventure got packed into a few days, and it started in Baltimore.

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Jumping Ship


Engine trouble at a verrrrry inconvenient moment during the night (more on that later). Got a tow into Cape May for repairs, which won’t take long. A weather window is slamming shut, though, with 10 foot seas and 30 mph winds expected over the next several days.

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Auxiliary Fo’c’s’le





Fierce headwinds on the nose all day and night, with more and stronger expected the next day. Fun sailing, at nearly top speed, for hours on end. You cover a lot of ground quickly. Unfortunately, none of it gets you much closer to your destination. Progress is verrrry slow.

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