Two small villages of less than 500 souls, on an island isolated from the rest of the world, consisting almost entirely of a volcano in constant eruption for over 2000 years. Yup, my kind of place.

I want to go here:


O mare from wecrosstheline on Vimeo.

(note new motor, uses oars instead)



Summons – Stromboli Island (5D MkII) from LowResFilms on Vimeo.



Daybreak on Assateague: Last Day

Up before the sun 



The South Wind blew itself out overnight, left everything warm and quiet in the morning. Very quiet. Just birds and crickets and the occasional splash of minnows along the water’s edge. Got up early before sunrise, made some coffe, and watched the wildlife wake up slowly. There’s some nice video at the end of this post. It will give you a really good feel for what it was like.


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Assateague Island: Day 2 Sailing Video


direct video link

As you can see from the video, this was a stunning day on the water. Long steady reaches of 5+ knots in warm wind and calm water. Back and forth across the sound, neck and neck like a team of horses, ducking around islands, ending with a downwind run back to camp. Not bad at all for the end of October.

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Assateague Island: Day 2 Sailing

Tony and Shirley on Candide 


Ok, it’s not called Assateague Sound. Officially, it’s Chincoteague Bay. But it’s almost all behind Assateague Island, not Chincoteague. And where I come from, bodies of shallow water behind barrier islands are called Sounds. In Georgia and the Carolinas, even the river mouths are called Sounds. Bays are big and round and deep. This body of water is big, yes. Round and deep, no.

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Assateague Island: Day 1 Sailing Video


direct video link

I’m not sure what the piece of music is in this video. I used to visit music chat rooms long ago, where people would post pieces of things they were working on that others could download, add another layer, and repost. I always liked this one, and it managed to survive the move from one computer to another for the last 10 years.

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Assateague Island: Day 1 Sailing Pix

Caesura on the sound behind Assateague


It’s great to have a friend with a nice camera and a nice boat who is also foolish enough to take the one onto the other. Even better if he knows how to use them.

My boats have been finished for over a year now, but I’ve never had a good look at them under sail. As a builder of a boat, you wonder all sorts of things you can only answer when you see them sailing – like how she rides on her lines, how does she heel under power, is the mast bending, and of course the general esthetics of the thing. What the heck does she look like in action?

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Assateague Island: Surf Video

Surf video, with music soundtrack


direct video link

When I arrived at Assateague, Tony had been surfing for four hours straight. Cold and tired, but happy. After he built his Melonseed, a sailboat, he built several beautiful wooden surfboards. In case you’ve forgotten, he still lives in Montana.

I know, right? Nearest big water is coming out of glaciers. Dude has a serious geography problem. And he makes maps for a living!

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