Assateague Island: Day 1 Sailing Pix

Caesura on the sound behind Assateague


It’s great to have a friend with a nice camera and a nice boat who is also foolish enough to take the one onto the other. Even better if he knows how to use them.

My boats have been finished for over a year now, but I’ve never had a good look at them under sail. As a builder of a boat, you wonder all sorts of things you can only answer when you see them sailing – like how she rides on her lines, how does she heel under power, is the mast bending, and of course the general esthetics of the thing. What the heck does she look like in action?

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Assateague Island: Surf Video

Surf video, with music soundtrack


direct video link

When I arrived at Assateague, Tony had been surfing for four hours straight. Cold and tired, but happy. After he built his Melonseed, a sailboat, he built several beautiful wooden surfboards. In case you’ve forgotten, he still lives in Montana.

I know, right? Nearest big water is coming out of glaciers. Dude has a serious geography problem. And he makes maps for a living!

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Assateague Island: Surf Side

Beach Hut on Assateague


It’s a 6 hour drive from here to there, and it means running the gauntlet of Hampton Roads – through perpetual traffic congestion, rough roads, backups at bridges and tunnels. For a traffic wimp like me it’s harrowing at best, and at worst, when there’s an accident or just rush hour mayhem, it can add hours to the trip. Sometimes I leave in the middle of the night just so I can sneak through when everyone else is asleep.

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Assateague Island: Storm Edition

Assateague Island, before Sandy 

 Wow, that was different.

Sunday through Wednesday were the best days of sailing I’ve ever had. Clear autumn sunshine, steady breezes, afternoons in the 80’s, good friends, etc..

But before I can get the photos up, an epic hurricane rolls in and buries everything under 4 feet of wind-driven storm surge, erasing it all.

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Timing . . .

. . . is everything.

I’ve been going through the photos and video from last week, prepping for a half dozen posts. Such a glorious few days: chilly enough for a campfire at night, but sunny and in the 80’s during the afternoons for shorts and t-shirts. Some of the best sailing I’ve ever had. Some great photos and nice video from the trip.

Strange to think that now, less than a week later, every place I stood on land, from Sunday night to Wednesday morning, is now under a raging torrent of water. And there’s a blizzard warning here. What?

More soon.