Urbanna Small Boat Meet ~ 2012

Caesura on the beach.


Finally getting around to playing with the photos and video from last weekend. Every year, John and Vera England host the Urbanna Small Boat Meet. Great people, and we see them often in St. Michaels at the festival. I don’t know if John has a title, but he’s been a driving force behind the Deltaville Maritime Museum, leading many boat restoration and construction projects.

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Fretless Banjo ~ Soldier’s Joy



Rob and Professor Vulfmon have a Kickstarter project up to make a small album, fusing banjo with Vulfmon on synthesizer:


Update 5/22/12:

Here’s another pleasant one, given hometown ties to Richmond and the James.


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Art can be so amazing. Really.

“Patterned by Nature was commissioned by the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences (naturalsciences.org) for the newly built Nature Research Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. The exhibit celebrates our abstraction of nature’s infinite complexity into patterns through the scientific process, and through our perceptions. It brings to light the similarity of patterns in our universe, across all scales of space and time.

10 feet wide and 90 feet in length, this sculptural ribbon winds through the five story atrium of the museum and is made of 3600 tiles of LCD glass. It runs on roughly 75 watts, less power than a laptop computer. Animations are created by independently varying the transparency of each piece of glass.

The content cycles through twenty programs, ranging from clouds to rain drops to colonies of bacteria to flocking birds to geese to cuttlefish skin to pulsating black holes. The animations were created through a combination of algorithmic software modeling of natural phenomena and compositing of actual footage.

An eight channel soundtrack accompanies the animations on the ribbon, giving visitors clues to the identity of the pixelated movements. In addition, two screens show high resolution imagery and text revealing the content on the ribbon at any moment.

Patterned by Nature was created by
Plebian Design – plebiandesign.com
Hypersonic Design & Engineering – hypersoniced.com
Patten Studio – pattenstudio.com
Sosolimited – sosolimited.com







All through the hot summer, the wisteria we planted ten years ago shades the front porch in cool filtered light. You can nap on the swing in a wide tunnel of green. Every Spring it squeezes out a few more blooms, with scent sweet as honeysuckle.

Can’t wait for that first nap.



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So three good friends and I have this idea we’re trying to bring to fruition. Oddly enough, the purpose of the whole venture to make it easier to bring good ideas to fruition.

The company is called ahyayha – a Cherokee word meaning “to hold in hand.”


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