MASCF 2013 ~ Friday

Fogg’s Landing  


Photos from Day 1 of the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival
With so many photos I’ll post them in batches over several days, so check back for more.

We rolled in about an hour before dark on Thursday. Too late for the annual gunkholing trip, but early enough to clear the pine cones before pitching the tents. Tents everywhere already. Clearly, more people arriving early than previous years.

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Northeast by East


Heading for St. Michaels this weekend for the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival.

The girls will be there, great weather expected, mild winds.

Car is packed, boats are loaded. Should be another great trip.

I can almost taste the crabs and oysters already.

More later.


Boats and Bikes ~ Just Pix

Evening on the Lake


Just a few nice photos. Leftovers.

Nothing here folks, move along.



Eponymous Chairs





Room with a View




Cloudy Water




The Stable




Shore Life




Two Blue




Where there were Loons








Terri Ferry






Boats and Bikes ~ Canoeing Lake to Lake

 Paddling to Lake Oseeta 


A narrow channel connects Kiwassa Lake with Oseeta Lake. The entrance on Kiwassa was not far from the lodge. One evening we borrowed a canoe and paddled down it from one lake to the next. A beautiful, easy passage, like gliding through a water garden.



Some cabins tucked into the woods, a few well-kept boats docked along the shore, a few passing through on the way somewhere. Wildlife.

Hard to beat it.


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Boats and Bikes ~ Boats and Boatbuilding at the Adirondack Museum

 Guideboat under construction

direct video link 




One day it rained. Almost all the day it rained. We could have stayed inside by a window and read, but instead went to the Adirondack Museum on Blue Mountain Lake; because a) it’s a really great museum with lots of very cool stuff to see, and b) I remembered they have a terrific collection of boats on exhibit. Continue reading “Boats and Bikes ~ Boats and Boatbuilding at the Adirondack Museum”

Boats and Bikes ~ Saranac

Saranac & Saranac on a Saranac


Saranac, New York
Saranac River
Town of Saranac
Town of Saranac Lake
Saranac Chain of Lakes
Upper Saranac Lake
Middle Saranac Lake
Lower Saranac Lake
Six Different Saranac Beers

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