First Snow

Snowfall on Cedars 


Thursday, they predicted up to 7 inches of snow for the whole region. Instead, we got three solid days of cold rain, then finally about an inch of snow here, and nowhere else. Enough to make things look nice.

A south wind warmed things up again, and everything’s been dripping all day. Shirtsleeves and snow.


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Salt Marsh Prairie

A salt marsh savanna


The vast salt marshes of the Low Country gave a name to the city of Savannah. Seemingly endless expanses of salt grass stretch from horizon to horizon, dotted with distant hummocks – small islets of pine, live oak and palmetto. These spartina marshes range all along the Atlantic coast from Newfoundland to Florida, but there are more here than anywhere else – covering 600 square miles in South Carolina alone.


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Daybreak on Assateague: Last Day

Up before the sun 



The South Wind blew itself out overnight, left everything warm and quiet in the morning. Very quiet. Just birds and crickets and the occasional splash of minnows along the water’s edge. Got up early before sunrise, made some coffe, and watched the wildlife wake up slowly. There’s some nice video at the end of this post. It will give you a really good feel for what it was like.


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