30 Mile Day ~ Morning

Aeon with her topsail, leaving the creek. photo: Kevin Brennan 


The wind would stay locked to the Southwest for all four days, ramping up steadily day after day. What a stellar day this would be. Sailing all day at speeds averaging 5 knots, with sustained spurts over 7. Thirty miles covered easily. All after the walk to Sotterley, and with two long breaks of an hour each stuck in the middle.  Just wow.


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To Sotterley Creek

 video, the sail to Sotterley Creek

Back at the beach Kevin B, freshly escaped from civilization and its discontents, was prepping Slip Jig. The Navigator was quickly launched, in the water and ready to go. That left Mike and his Haven 12 1/2, saved for last to eke out every inch of the rising tide.

It’s crazy that he can haul this boat behind a little Subaru Forrester. The boat looks bigger than the car, but it works. A tongue extension on the trailer helps get to deepish water, and six of us are able to shoulder it off pretty easily. Everybody’s in.

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Out of sequence, but timely.

We have a bunch of friends who are young farmers and foodies: chicken, beef, pork, cheese, beer, cider, wine, kombucha, eggs. Plus some chefs who work in local restaurants putting it all together in amazing ways. They work really, really hard.

Today they threw themselves a pasture party, kicked back and chilled out, and brought the fruits of their combined labor. They party as hard as they work – it lasted all day and into the night. We had to bail out while they were still going strong.

But we waited for the moon to rise – a “Super Moon” – and the clouds cleared just in time.

And super it was.