Archival Film of Skipjacks

Gavin Atkin over the pond at intheboatshed recently dug up some archival footage from the 1960′s. Most of it was filmed on and around Deal Island, Maryland, where we spent several days on the Chesapeake Float this year.

The film was shot forty years ago, but it’s amazing how little has changed. Captain Art Daniels is still racing his skipjack, or was until very recently. The churches I photographed are still there, though the one is under repair. Wenona harbor looks much the same, just fewer boats. That and They had enough watermen then to field a softball team.

The sail loft that served the skipjacks was still in operation then, though it’s been closed for several years now. And there are far fewer skipjacks now than there were even then.

Pretty cool to watch


Hour long feature film on Skipjacks of Chesapeake Bay





Another Blue Penny

Blue Penny Quarterly – iBooks Edition 


Finished up another big project last week. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the Blue Penny Quarterly, a digital literary magazine my friend Doug Lawson started not long after we met. We made a little splash this time with a special edition.

We’ve collaborated on the publication for a few years now. He does all the promotion and reading of submissions, winnowing down to four or five of the best per issue. I put it all together in a hopefully attractive package, and a downloadable format.

This time there are two formats. As before, in addition to stories there is photography and video commentaries from the authors. New is the iBooks version, which is available on the iTunes Bookstore for free. It’s formatted for iPads, iPhones and even iBooks on a Mac:

Link to iTunes Bookstore


As in the past, there is also a universal PDF format, with embedded links to the videos. Both versions can be downloaded directly from the Blue Penny site here:

Blue Penny Quarterly Summer 2014 – 20th Anniversary Issue

This is something we both do in our spare time. There’s no money involved, either for the writers or for us. Just something we do to provide a venue for interesting new writers, some of whom have gone on to win awards and publish novels.

If you have any interest a small submission fee for stories, please have a look. If you have a story, submit it. We would love to see it:

Submissions for Blue Penny Quarterly



Chesapeake Float ~ Day 2: Crossing the Bar

On the sandbar 



The river and marshes are swaddled in fog. Scattered around the cove, I can just see the nearest boats. The far ones not at all. There’s still a breeze, which is odd. Means the fog bank covers a wide area. It’s a grainy fog, almost a mist. Can’t tell if that bell donging is a distant buoy or another boat out in the channel. Coffee will be good this morning.



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