Mobjack, East River


Due west of Winter Harbor is the East River, also in Mathews County, and the little village of Mobjack. Just off a bay by the same name. The Old Bay Club gathered there last weekend for the season kickoff.

Not sure I could go at all, and not even taking a boat, I got to the water mid-afternoon as all the boats were coming back from a day of sailing.



A small creek runs inland along the shore, a safe harbor perfect for shallow water boats, the mouth of the creek forming a narrow neck making calm water inside.

The land and homes along this shore once belonged to one extended family. The neck was once spanned by a boardwalk so you could stroll between houses for visiting, or walking to the village for church. Posts from the boardwalk still stand block the entrance like a portcullis. Keeps out the big boats; but again not a problem for little boats, which slip in between them to safety inside. I watch them cruise through the gate like scouts on horseback riding into to a fort.


the gate















They got the boats settled for the night. A few anchored out. Most camped ashore.








By evening there is a fire going, lots of food and drink. It’s till cold here. The wind off the water is around 50 degrees and dropping. I stay by the fire, a compulsive fire poker to stay warm. Frogmore Stew a la Low Country feels good in the hand and in the belly.