Red Blizzard

Nice video featuring some friends across the river. Red Knierim of Red and the Romantics and his wife first lived in a yurt in the woods along the river. They recently upgraded to a one room cabin. He was out walking and singing in the snow storm. We walked down to the river from the other side.

I wondered what that sound was.


Blizzard Ballads with Red Knierim from Surface Below Media on Vimeo.





My Kingdom for a Winch (Wench?)

 Re-rounded winch drum, with new Amsteel Dyneema cable and thimble.


Sunshine and temps in the mid 60s today are a welcome reprieve from snow, which is mostly gone now. A great little window for attending to a couple of things on the new old Lightning. I had intended to raise the mast to see how that works and to assess the rigging (which actually looks relatively new). That will have to wait for another day – I got distracted by the malfunctioning centerboard winch.

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Because It’s Awesome

I’m linking to this video just because it’s awesome. No need for sound.

Bord à bord avec Fionbarra la yole irlandaise

Posted by Gilles Dravet on Friday, July 25, 2014


link: Irish Yole in French






Thoughts on Boat Speed (update 1)


(more info added 1/23 – ed.)

You may recall that back in November something very strange happened: I passed other boats in a little Melonseed. More accurately, I passed all other boats in a Melonseed. And when I say passed, I don’t mean a little bit. I totally smoked em. I assure you, this rarest of phenomena was as baffling to me as it was irritating to the guys steering the other boats.

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New Year, New Old Boat ~ Return to Edenton

Lightning #2833, in transit 


I had a whole week to reconsider. I don’t know with any certainty what shape the boat is actually in, and won’t until I get it back and can crawl all over it, inside and out, poking every potential rot spot with a sharp screwdriver. That much is still unknown. But I can do some research in the meantime.

Of course, I come across some very exciting video online. This one is three fellows in Greece flying along on a crazy fast plane in 25kts of wind:



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