Mast Repaired, Sails Raised, Boom Tented, Glasses Raised


Progress continues apace, steadily if not speedily. Time spent doing rather than telling, and time is scarce.

Got the rotten place in the mast patched. Fortunately the problem was isolated, where water has been getting in around the spreaders and screws, and only in one strip of wood. Was fairly easy to chip out the soft stuff and file it back clean to the good wood. Epoxied in a fairly tight and clean plug, filled the old screw holes, and seal the area around the spreaders with Dolphinite.


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Spring Prep ~ Mast and Rudder

Working by the fire.


We’ve had the wood stove going all week, followed by another windy and cold weekend. Another hard freeze this morning. Last weekend we could see smudge pots flickering in the orchards up the hillsides at night, trying to keep the buds from freezing. Last Monday morning, on the way to work, I passed the smoldering remains of bonfires that had burned through the night in the vineyards. Big fans blew smoke down the rows, where it puddled like grey water in hollows and creek beds. The damage was done, though; none were burning last night.

And wind. A near constant wind storm going on two weeks now. Yesterday gusting to over 40, today to over 25. It blows for two days, pauses to catch its breath and blows some more.

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Splashdown: She is Risen

 Lightning #2833 sees another Spring


Been waiting for this a long time. Easter weekend was grey and chilly, but not enough to stop me from getting Lightning #2833 in the water for the first time. Redbuds are blooming, a startling purple popping out in the still bare woods, a pale green haze of new growth is just starting to show low on the hillsides when the evening light is just right. Seems fitting this old boat should be reborn now.

On this first trip we weren’t getting too ambitious. Just wanted to get her in the water, test the centerboard raising apparatus, and cruise around a bit with the trolling motor. So I spent a few hours on Saturday checking things over again, adding registration numbers, adjusting the improvised motor mount, etc.. That left only a couple of hours of daylight, but that was enough.


Little Old Man


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