Site Change and RSS Feed update

For a long time now, the blog portion of this site has been by far the most active. Started as a side project, I had no idea whether it would carry on or fizzle. That was over 8 years and 470 posts ago. Meanwhile, the old EyeInHand portion of the site has remained all but static.

Probably should have done this a long time ago, but over the next few days the site will change, making the blog the new Homepage. All links to will arrive at the latest blog post on Marginalia.

The only downside is this could change the URLs of the RSS feeds. A number of people subscribe this way, which is why I’m making the announcement in advance – this may be the last post that comes through the old feeds.

If you’re a subscriber, thank you. Please return in a few days and resubscribe. There are a number of new posts queued up, including sailing trips, videos, exploring the Columbia River Gorge, and sailing and hiking around Monterey, California.


US 1

Fog Bank, Pigeon Point Lighthouse


Skate boarders, hipsters, panhandlers, buskers, high end shoppers, protesters, lots of women in yoga pants. Firemen in full regalia, boots to helmets, jangling heavy gear-festooned coats, clomp past awkwardly. Knights errant in full armor. A false alarm – no fires, or earthquakes, today.

Chilly in June in the shade, then hot in relentless sunshine under brittle blue skies. Always, always blue skies. The young man in the long green tie-died sarong next to me says his name is “Nature.” This the view from a coffee shop in Santa Cruz on a Thursday afternoon.

Took an all night sleeper car on the train from Portland, after a week spent there. Drove down US 1 from Oakland a week ago. The photo above from the drive.

Some boating scattered throughout, of very different sorts, and hiking. Quite a West Coast odyssey.

Still traveling. More later.


Smith Island ~ Withholding Evidence


Silence since the trip to the Inner Islands is not without good reason. I returned with over a thousand of photos and video, better than most trips, and good stories to tell. A draft write-up and sample images were sent to Chris Cunningham, editor of Small Boats Monthly, and he wants to use them in an upcoming issue of the online magazine, probably July.

Chris rightfully wants first dibs on the photos and video, and I’m happy to comply. That means I won’t be posting whatever he doesn’t use until he’s made his final selection and the story is published. A longer delay than usual, even for me, but well worth it. A very good reason indeed.

The grid of thumbnails above is just a small sample – the first 24 – of roughly 200 select shots and video clips culled from over1126 photos, and more than an hour of video. A lot to look through. The article will display the full frame of whatever shots are used, and the story of what it took to get where the photos were taken.

Clearly, a great trip.

More on this soon . . .



The Inner Islands

Crab Shacks in Mailboat Harbor, Tangier Island


It’s been almost fifteen years since I took these photos on Tangier Island. The girls were small, my hair was not grey.

Tomorrow at sunrise I’ll be headed that direction. If the weather cooperates, I and about a dozen other fellows in small handmade boats will leave the Eastern Shore and head for these inner Chesapeake islands – Tangier and Smith. Never been to Smith Island, so this will be my first time.

Thursday night looks grim. Gusts to 30kts, big nasty seas in Tangier Sound, not to be trifled with in small craft. We may stay ashore that night. But the weekend looks very promising.

More later.

One way or another.